A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

ARDOR is an energy-themed roguelike game created for the 7DRL (Seven Day Roguelike) Game Jam 2018.

All items can be converted, with varying levels of efficiency, to raw energy, known as caps, which can be used to power your attacks and blast your opponents.

Travel through a hand-crafted dungeon and try to win it all! Instructions are shown on screen during the game.

The easiest platform to play on is likely to be Windows, but all platforms have helper scripts to get the game set up.

For comments or questions please contact me using any of the methods at: https://keybase.io/sgtcodfish

Install instructions

Windows: Download, unzip and run "ardor.bat". Instructions are in README.txt. Running might give you a security warning you'll have to click through.

MacOS: Download the MacOS version, and then run ./install.sh to setup and ./run to play the game. You need to have python3 installed from Homebrew - brew install python3.

Linux (Debian/Ubuntu): Download the version for your OS and unzip. Run ./install.sh and then ./run.sh - install.sh might report missing dependencies which you'll need to install - specifically python3 and libsdl2-dev

Linux (Other): I can't cover any more package managers, but you'll need the SDL2 development libraries (something like libsdl2-devel), python3 and the ability to create a Virtualenv. Run something like "python3 -m venv venv && ./venv/bin/python -m pip install numpy && ./venv/bin/python -m pip install tdl tabulate && ./venv/bin/python ardor.py"


ardor-macos.zip 29 kB
ardor-ubuntu.zip 29 kB
ardor-windows.zip 35 MB
ardor-debian.zip 29 kB

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