Days 5-6 - Back on Track

Flurry of Activity

Without the day job to contend with, I got a lot more done on Thursday. Several things were improved and refactored, and several new features were added which make ARDOR less of an "@ movement simulator" and start to look a lot more like a game. Features include:

  • Combat and death; currently melee only but cap-combat and cap-enhanced melee is the next task!
  • Map discovery - discover the dungeon as well as explore it
  • Improved HUD with colours
  • An event console which handles and breaks longer lines, allowing for richer event messages
  • Improved lighting visuals; no garish yellow torch
  • A redesigned inventory screen with massively improved visuals

Distracted only by a brief (necessary!) shopping trip for UK Mother's day and a couple of birthdays, I made good progress today. One thing that became abundantly clear is that I should prepare more for game jams if I'm going to use a new library. I didn't spend enough time fiddling with python-tdl beforehand, and so things which should've been very quick (e.g. coloured HP) took far longer.

Itching for More

Full disclosure: I didn't do a good job of keeping track of my progress until Thursday, and that was the day I created my page, generated a crappy ASCII-art banner and wrote my devlogs. I also systematically checked out each day's work and took screenshots of the progress of the game across the week.

Fortunately, I'm pretty thorough with git which made the task of going back through the logs pretty easy. Python made it easier - not having to recompile old versions is a blessing for quick iteration.

First Commit of the Day

12:12 UTC - "Add attacks and entity death" - 80821add85a56753bcb7057e3b0a359e6689c40d

Last Commit of the Day

23:15 UTC - "Add basic banner txt + images" - dc7e1452356b967570c5307685aa3660c1d2ff97