Days 2-5 - Slam on the Brakes

Slam on the Brakes


It was always going to be the case that once the work week hit, my productivity was going to go down. That was very true of Monday; it was a hard day and I wasn't much in the mood for more programming after work. That said, on Monday I managed to progress by making the inventory more usable for larger numbers of items, and doing more refactoring.

The inventory was here made a pretty hideous shade of red to make it very distinct. That was always going to change towards the end, but it did make for a bit of an eyesore in screenshots!

I kept in mind that I had Thursday and Friday booked off work to use up spare holidays, so Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were mainly about keeping things ticking over...

And watching Altered Carbon, which is pretty neat. It reminds me a lot of EVE Online.


Tuesday, like Monday before it and the Wednesday to come, was limited in terms of progress, but did contain the implementation of one of the most important thematic features - "capping", or converting items into raw energy to use later. The actual process of doing it is a simple key press when in the inventory. In the "day4" screenshot, two pieces of Coal have been converted into caps to increase the count, and the torch has been turned on while walking which drains caps.

In an ideal world (read: with more time) I'd probably add a warning when capping non-fuel items - it'd suck to get a powerful item and then accidentally vaporise it for basically no caps. But in the world of 7DRL that's definitely a stretch goal.


Wednesday was the least productive day by any realistic measure in terms of ARDOR - although an fun day at work!

That said, we got our first mob - a goblin - on Wednesday. He doesn't do much except wander around stupidly, but at least he does something. Or maybe the better bar to set is that he exists. But in any case, he's there.

The "day5" screenshot contains a little bit of the debug console, because aside from the presence of a "G" on the map that's the only sign that there's anything going on.

After a tricky few days, the stage was set for a home straight of mostly unfettered programming. Lots of fun ahead!

First Commit of the Day - Mon-Wed


20:38 UTC - "Start implementing state machine and refactor out consoles to separate files" - 9cbfb8ca2c45b108a5129fe4a38e4455cb9971d2


20:03 UTC - "Add item dropping" - 55810bb78f5edbbe590e7b8ce90905a4c8d100e1


20:44 UTC - "Switch to larger font, add moving mob" - c2cf8922c758e29f5aa6102e95e295937aa40cf1

Last Commit of the Day - Mon-Wed


22:46 UTC - "Add scrollable inventory with paging" - e17fab3ed1f28754623dfbbea464323bd8d7a1cc


22:32 UTC - "Add capping + torch drain" - e34e579fab975cc39ef50ba0efdb093bdb8b4378


22:36 UTC - "Detect entities on movement" - ffe8b1d806d4e53c02fe170691989bcd9de17222