Days 1-2 - Picking Up Speed

Picking up Speed

Day 2 was all about the inventory. I knew that without items to convert to energy, there was no mechanic to build on. I also knew that without it, I'd struggle to make much progress in the day-job-filled days ahead.

I added the inventory code, a way to pick things up and an inventory window pop-up, and some basic initial items which have stayed with the game since day 2 - the Healing Potion which does exactly as you'd expect and some Coal which is more efficiently turned into energy. I plan to add more "fuel" items as time goes on.

Torching the Flickering

There was a cool "flickering torch" effect with the sample I based my code on, but on day 2 I broke it and I couldn't be bothered to work out how I broke it after spending too much time on it.

For that matter, the torch never flickered anyway in ARDOR so it was no big loss.

This was a great wake-up call that I needed to learn more about numpy, which I'd not used before and found was awesome. I'm sure I'll be making more use of it in other projects.

First Commit of the Day

12:09 UTC - "Add basic, non-working build logic" - fbb50b4a02c1b0f736160dab1b083db351ca0144

Last Commit of the Day

10:02 2018-03-05 UTC - "Picking things up" - f5cbc5b6f541d01996d0a6065e1bf1049df1f038

(NB: This was written on day 2 but committed on day 3)